Sunday, December 16

Annual Drunks

The weekend was definitely the busiest of the year,shoppers were splashing the cash like it was going out of fashion, or maybe they were just flashing the plastic instead. Whichever their were an awful lot of bags carried home in the back of the cab over the weekend. Friday and Saturday night seemed to be the big ones for staff party's and the once a year drunks were out in force. Once a year drunks are ten times worse than your average weekend drunk, they tend to get either aggressive and want to take on the whole world, or they go all sentimental and want to be everyones best friend. The really dangerous ones are the Jekyll and Hyde's who switch between the two extremes without warning. This was borne out by a female door person (they don't like being called bouncers nowadays) who I picked up from Barrow's Furness General hospitals casualty department on Sunday. She has been punched, kicked,attacked with broken glass and knifes and even shot at with an air pistol. But it took a once a year drunk for her first experience of actually being bitten, and shockingly it was a male(I don't think he deserves to be called a man eh!) who bit her.


Peggy said...

I'm in the loved up drunk camp. If I've had too many, I feel nothing but niceness towards everybody.

Me: "I love you"

Astonished Stranger: "I don't know who you are!"

Bob said...

peggy yep get a lot like you absolutely no problem with them, until it's time to try and get them out of the cab.

Deryk said...

Haha. Yeah I just tend to loosen up, though I'm the "go soft" type after the lucky 7 pint threshold, which I don't hit that often nowadays.

New Year's Eve is the worst for this phenomenon - this is when the real cringeworthy or violent types crawl out from under their rocks. Or they go the opposite, and straight men turn almost homosexual for the night. (nothing against this for the record!)

I do enjoy NYE because at least in Ulverston, people mostly go for friendly and merry (so long as you avoid The Sun), but the idiot/violent types are always the worst aspect.

Bob said...

Deryk: NYE isn't a patch on what it used to be not to many years back. I think the pubs and clubs out priced themselves charging £20 or £30 for a ticket folk, just won't pay it. Most seem to go to house party's nowadays.