Saturday, November 3

Street Art?

Driving down Barrows Ramsden Dock Road I was amazed to see what looks like Barrow Islands entry for the famously quirky Turner art competition. And after seeing past winners I would not be surprised if they have a first prize in contemporary sculpture right there on display on the pavement. But I can't see the poor householders who have had these windmill bedecked red flashing monstrosities dumped on their front doorsteps being too impressed. Are we that desperate to save a few Milli amp of power that we have to go to these extremes? Or is it just a case of the Dock developers wasting tens of thousand of pounds in an effort to convince us all that they are green and extra environmentally friendly? Or worse are we the rate payers funding these eyesores? Maybe they could have just used a low energy bulb and saved a few bob, it would have been a lot easier on the eye too.

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Roy said...

That is soo cool! looks like the speed detector is charged by a mini wind turbine! very ECO