Monday, October 1

Ugly Taxi?

Check out the Ugly Car Company.
Click the pic to see the great website.
They seem to be referring to the cars they use as Taxis, the controversially styled Fiat Doblo. They may not be pretty in the conventional sense but after a test drive in a brand new one today, they are really starting to grow on me. Cheap to buy and run, bags of room inside and comfortable high driving position seem to be making it into one of Europe's most popular taxi options. Well what do you think ugly or just a bit plain?


The Morningstar said...

Sod what they look like, as a taxi they are perfect.

I've been picked up a few times by these in Barrow and I'm continually surprised by just how comfortable they are and easy to get into for us crips.

Trust me, I changed taxi firms because I like these so much, who cares what they look like

Bob said...

Morningstar: I must be getting a bit PC eh! I cringed when I read that word "crips". I think it's a word that I certainly wouldn't use. But I have been told that a lot of the disabled folk do like the doblo for ease of access.