Tuesday, October 16

No Cash

Lol who is a big country and western fan is one of our more colourful local taxi drivers. His cab sports a sticker on the rear which he bought on his travels to Australia. It says "Driver carries no cash, He's Married." Well as they say "many a true word spoke in jest." Every time I see the sign I'm reminded of a now departed local taxi driver who had a bad case of bookie constipation , "he just couldn't pass one." It got so bad that his wife made him go home up to four times a day to give her any money that he had made, in case he gave in to temptation.


Peggy said...

I'm just thinking how pissed off the wife must have been to set up the 4x a day money drop rule.

Bob said...

peggy: yes gambling addicts are sneaky by nature. In the past before they changed the law it was known for gamblers to take out huge mortgages or even sell the family house behind the wifes back.