Tuesday, October 16

Free for All

Now we have it in writing officially, it seems that we can look forward to a 20MPH speed limit in every urban area and hundreds of extra speed cameras, so says an influential road safety group.
It also calls for a huge blitz on drivers more likely to cause accidents - such as "fat drivers who are prone to nodding off and elderly drivers who may no longer be safe behind the wheel."
The biggest impediment to dropping the speed limits and expanding the 20mph network is that, at present, standard cameras are not type-approved to enforce limits below 30mph," it says.
Traffic humps and chicanes are used instead but are unpopular, expensive, cause problems for emergency vehicles and add to emissions. (You can say that again)
"Time-over-distance cameras offer an effective alternative enforcement tool," it concludes.
A camera blitz on speeding must be accompanied by a war on motorists' dangerous lifestyles - with the very fat, the very old, and the very young to be targeted, adds the report.
The report says "sedentary lifestyles make drivers more prone to an accident.
On the problem of older drivers it notes:” The UK population is ageing and likely to keep driving further, in larger numbers and for longer than previous generations.
The report, called Beyond 2010 - a holistic approach to road safety in Great Britain, as far as I can tell says nothing that we didn't already know. But it does give more than enough justification for a huge new revenue source for so called safety camera partnerships.


Paradise Driver said...

Going to buy some stock?

Bob said...

wil:Hey not a bad idea eh!

Dogbait said...

We have 50kph (31mph) in all urban streets here now and 40kph in school areas. You can go through 4 speed changes in 1k which is madness.

I read other UK blogs and get the impression Big Brother is taking over there and we are become over regulated too.

Bob said...

db: yes I reckon big brother is well on the way over here, and unfortunately I don't see any way that it will be stopped.I can see a time in the not too distant future when we will have compulsory DNA testing. The excuse will be crime solving purposes, but of course the results will be sold to the highest bidder and insurance will depend on your DNA profile. We could end up with an underclass of untouchables who are uninsured and unemployable, and even perhaps even not deemed suitable for breeding.Grr don't get ,me started.

jane said...

How do the cameras work? I presume they're on every main road, but wont that just mean people will take to the back streets?

Bob said...

jane: The idea is that a camera reads your numberplate at one point and another further along, then a computer works out your average speed.If this works out at above the limit, say 20mph then you just get a ticket in the post. But yes you are right it will lead to locals taking back streets to avoid either one of the cameras and thus a ticket.

Bill said...

Seems you cant wine either way. Go above 20mph and you get nicked for speeding and go below 20mph and you get done for kerb crawling:)

london_cabby said...

Not to mention the penalty points and possible loss of license and livlihood like what I'm facing.

Bob said...

The way it is going it will an easy task to get enough points for a ban in one days driving.

Bill said...

Latest Special offer from the police.
Collect 12 points in 3 years and exchange them for a 6 month ban:)