Thursday, October 4

Hitching Rail

A lot of my passengers have been remarking on the strange new railings at the end of Barrows newly pedestrianised bit of Dalton Rd. The biggest question is what on earth are they for? Fashioned from expensive stainless steel and looking like they were designed for a ship instead of a street, some folk just shake their heads in disbelief and say "whatever next." But some make suggestions about what the intended use may be. Most popular is the theory that they are there to support Barrows drunks as they lurch between the many nearby pubs and bars. But the best I think is the theory that they are to be used by the cowboy road builders to hitch up their horses.

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Jimmy said...

The railings are there to guide the pedestrians to the traffic lights on either side of Dalton Road.

This is the end of a long pedestrianised street and people are inclined to cross the street directly without using the traffic lights.

Or maybe they are there to direct people either to Railways or Ramsden's Wine Bar at the end of long shopping day.