Tuesday, September 25

Park n Pay

I wonder how long it is before the proposed idea of paying to park your car in works car parks reaches here. The "workplace parking levy" is seen as an alternative to road pricing. Nottingham city council is the first of a number of councils ready to impose charges on companies that provide their staff with parking spaces.
It proposes imposing the charge on companies with more than 10 staff parking spaces.
The initial fee would be £185 a year from 2010, rising to £350 in 2014.

The Transport Act gives councils the powers to impose and enforce workplace parking levies.
This also allows town halls to use enforcement officers who could not only inspect workplace car parks but issue parking tickets for anyone who had not paid.
Failing to pay the charge could lead to a £175 fine. It sounds like too good of a money earner for our councils to resist.
But think of the boost to the taxi trade, with this charge in place it would make perfect sense for folk to share a taxi to work and save a heap of cash. Come to think of it, why have a car at all, it will be cheaper to use taxis. Great idea eh!


Deryk said...

CAF tried that for a short while when I worked there (under the old "ailing charity" excuse): despite the lack of council charges, they asked £40/month for staff to park in their own car park. Most of us chose to move between the 2 hour spaces all day instead, which obviously got a bit amusing/embarrassing in meetings when everyone kept excusing themselves to move their cars!

Fun times.

Really bad idea (except for you guys, until they find new and interesting ways to put the 'tax' into 'taxi'!), and yet another example of good old Ripoff Britain!

Joe said...

We have to pay to park in the hospital in Inverness, the result is that the nearby Tesco car park is always full!

Bob said...

joe: yes FGH is park and pay now and darn dear it is.