Monday, September 24


You know if we had a few forward thinking visionaries amongst the folk who are in charge of our local road network we could save millions. Hey never mind visionaries, just a few with common sense would do. Who in their right minds spends nigh on a million pounds on a strange dangerous roundabout with pedestrian crossings within yards, when a simple set of traffic lights with a combined crossing would have done the job? And who would be so arrogant as to spend £2.4m of our money on an unwanted and unnecessary one way road scheme. And all this without consulting us the folk that use these roads day in day out. And yet we let them get away with it every time I'm beginning to realise that folk round here are very apathetic and just seem to let these faceless bureaucrats do just what they want. This was proved yet again by a recent public meeting about a local sewage works plans for a huge expansion. This works has been causing problems for locals with smells for the last few years and you would expect a lot of people would be concerned. But no apart from the officials and some bored local councillors, a grand total of fifteen locals made the effort. I know I was one of them, on the way home I saw a bigger crowd smoking outside a pub. Maybe next time they should hold the meeting in a pub and have fag breaks every ten minutes eh!


Webbie said...

You've been living in Barra all your life Bob (I'm assuming) you know what Barrowvian's are like. They moan and grumble about something but never do owt about it.

As long as it doesn't affect them...and for the most parts it doesn't, they may have to use that roundabout once or twice... then they don't care.

Bob said...

webbie: very true I'm afraid.