Friday, September 14


Well here we go again, local drivers had just got used to Barrow's Holker St being back open after seven long months and they go and shut it again. Even worse is the fact that drivers get no advance warning signs,thus giving them the chance to avoid the area by using Ainslie St. Everybody gets stuck in the same diversion as last time which takes you down some of the bumpiest worst maintained streets in town.
One of our longest established garages "Pye Motors"a main Ford dealer, no less is again marooned with no passing trade and this time having to use a well hidden temporary access. Surely they must have lost a considerable amount of trade for the seven months that Holker St was closed last time, but this time it would take a really determined customer to find their way into the garage.
Although the new Abbey road Rawlinson street junction is a big improvement, I think that maybe some Barrow drivers aren't yet ready for this big city style junction. With it being a phased filter light junction some drivers just seem to catch a glimpse of green and through they go not noticing that the light for their lane is on red. The other silly trick some are doing is to set off when the cars alongside do, without even looking at the lights. I have seen lots of near misses lately and guess I will see a lot more until locals get used to this, for some complicated junction.

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Bill McClure said...

The only time Holker Street/Abbey Road juction has been safe as been when the traffic lights have NOT been working, then everyone gives way!