Tuesday, September 18

Crime Wave

Lots of my fares have been commenting on the mini crime boom that we seem to be having here in Barrow lately. But what with two stabbings a house fire blamed on arson and a death blamed on allegedly poison heroin who can blame them. I always try to point out to my passengers, especially the older folk that if you look closer at these type of incidents they all have a few things in common. Firstly they usually take place at the dead of night when most sensible folk are tucked up safe and sound in bed. And mostly these cases involved people who know each other, it's not something which is happening between random strangers. But the most reassuring thing is that arrests have been made within hours. We really should be thankful that things are nowhere near as bad as in some of our bigger city's.
A father and his teenage daughter who were passengers today told me their story which confirmed that
for me even more. They had moved to Barrow from London after being victims of crime on an almost weekly basis. The father who had lived here many years ago had packed in a well paid job to move, so that he could give his family some quality of life. The daughter who you would expect to be missing the bright lights of London was loving it here. She said "I can actually go out and have a social life." The father then got a bit choked up as he told me that the lass had been mugged twice outside her own front door, with even the trainers being stolen of her feet the last time.


Paradise Driver said...

At least firearms are not commonly used in the UK.

Kind of hard to do "drive-by stabbings".

Bill McClure said...

Yes Bob, I agree, we are very lucky compared to some other towns and city's, some nights you could here a pin drop around where I live, so dont come around dropping any pins..mate


Bob said...

wil:No guns are not common round here but seem to be more prevalent in bigger city's.

Bill:No Bill but I may drop a few fireworks round your end on Halloween .

Peggy said...

We love it here - wouldn't live anywhere else.