Friday, September 21


Normally forecourt fuel prices drop sharply as summer draws to a close.
But this year the cost of a litre fell by only one penny last month – compared to eight pence the previous year.
With the price of crude oil hitting $82 a barrel in the USA, the prediction is for pump prices to rise rather than fall over the next few months.
Added to this, the Government has imposed a 2 pence increase in fuel duty.
With darker evenings and worsening weather adding to fuel consumption from use of wipers, heaters and lights this all adds up to bad news for the taxi trade
October’s tax increase is the second in a year and the Treasury will no doubt press ahead with the rise, despite pleas from motoring groups to shelve it.
It.s said that Gordon Brown, then Chancellor, failed to take into consideration the volatility of oil prices when he prepared his last Budget.
So if anyone knows of a horse going cheap, which doesn't eat too much and is good in traffic let me know. I'll find myself a set of shafts and yoke it up to the taxi, only thing is that if the treasury find out they will no doubt start taxing hay.


Anonymous said...

Bob, what do you pay for a litre of fuel. In British Columbia it hovers around $2.10.

Paradise Driver said...

Don't worry about the "Hay Tax", however the cost of "emission control" is going to be outrageous.

Bob said...

anon: At the moment we are paying 95pence a litre which works out at about £4.75p per UK gallon.

Wil: Maybe not it's in big demand with the gardeners round here.

Peggy said...

We pay more than anybody else and STILL we have potholes on our road. Grrrrr

I wonder where all our road tax and fuel tax is going . . . . . hmmmm . . . . any guesses?