Wednesday, August 1

River Patrol?

The Flood Police - Jubii TV
The Flood Police - Jubii TV

It takes a special sort of daftness to do this, I wonder if he would have taken the same chance in his own car. Cheers to Bill for this one.


Paradise Driver said...

Thats about as deep as we get when the monsoon rains hit. You can transverse it but you can't create a bow wave. Very slow and very steady. If the engine dies, you suck water through the tail pipe into the cylinders, destroying the engine.

6 cops in one vehicle? Thats a "Keystone Kop" moment.

Pete said...

Your quite right - a special kind of stupid.

Living proof that police think their immune ;)

Bob said...

Wil: Yep I know that one from experience, and that was with a seven ton truck, a very expensive engine.

Aaron the Truck Driver said...

I like how they all hopped out and started to push really quickly.

Seems like they would of sat and talked and then got out one by one.

Bob said...

aaron:look like sheer embarrassment to me.

G.S. said...

I would laugh except it happened to me once trying to cross a flooded road in Central Park. Didn't destroy the engine, but it took two hours to dry out.