Monday, July 30

Power Cut

What a disaster the recent local power cut was for us, we ended up twiddling our thumbs for nearly two hours. Tens of thousands of pounds worth of the latest technology sat silent and useless in the office. With even the phone's being controlled by power consuming microchips, the office fell strangely silent with none of the usual chirping ring tones and constant buzz of the operators taking calls. What folk forget is that it is the small businesses that suffer when we have these power outages. The big stores up town have sophisticated power generators to fall back on, and their staff gets paid come what may. Just in the area surrounding our office we have dozens of small businesses all self employed people just like us trying to earn a living. But with the butchers slicing machine out of action he was forced to send big catering orders elsewhere. Dozens of hairdressers with no light and no hairdryers had to turn away trade. Local lushes waited thirstily for their tinnies outside the grog shops, as the tills wouldn't open for the staff to serve them. Half orange lady's stood outside the sunbed shop waiting to be cooked on the other side. The only business that didn't seem to be affected was the nearby massage parlour, whose trade even seemed to pick up, well I guess their was nowt else for folk to do whilst they had no work.


Dogbait said...

We were off for 6 hours on Christmas day once.

Bob said...

db:Bad timing eh!