Monday, August 27

Last Lost Weekend

Well, that's the last bank holiday weekend of this year over and done with, and a busy one it was too. All the super Sunday boozers were out in force, with records surely being broken for this years drunken staggering champion and the world's shortest skirt. Talking about staggering has anyone else noticed the way that alcohol affects girls differently depending on hair colour. You can always tell between a true or suicide(dyed by their own hand) blond when they have had a few by the bright red flush and the loud high pitched voice. Brunettes and raven haired lasses tend to get very overemotional and either want to fight or talk you to death in a very deep voice. Redheads, on the other hand, tend to lose all power of speech and tend to sit there with a sickly kind of grin on their faces. But it's the walk of a ginger-headed drunk which defies all laws of gravity and decorum, you never see them fall, and they are the best fun to watch.
As I pulled in to pick up by the moshpit at the free open air concert held at the back of Barrow town hall on Sunday evening I was staggered by the noise. The whole car was vibrating and when I opened the window to speak to my fare we couldn't hear each other, even though only about a foot apart. Even on nearby Cornwallis streets taxi rank, drivers who normally get out for a smoke wound up the windows and stayed in the cab. But everyone who was there seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves, and why not you can't get owt cheaper than free.


Jeff said...

Do your comments on the open air concert noise imply that you do not get boy racers pulling up beside you at traffic lights and vibrate your car plus your guts with the output of those heavy bass speakers. If that is the case at least one obnoxious motoring feature has not reached Barrow - but I kinda doubt it :-)

Paradise Driver said...


Sorry, Bob, the vibration is so bad that I can't see my monitor.

Say again, please.

Bob said...

Jeff: yes we have a few of those idiots in Barrow.

Wil:no doubt you get them there too.