Tuesday, August 28

Guilty Week

Well, the six week long school holidays are just about over and sales of Vodka and Valium will soon plummet. The last week is the one I call " guilty week" this is when lots of parents suddenly realise that the holiday is nearly over and they haven't done a thing with their kids. This means that we will be really busy as they rush around trying to cram treats like movies, bowling and dining out into the last few days. Others are still trying to rig the kids out in their new school uniform, and of, course as usual wrestling matches will break out over that last school jumper or blazer. Many mothers tell me that they feel blackmailed into paying high prices for school stuff that has to have the school badge on. Of, course this badged stuff is only available by paying premium prices at certain approved local suppliers. Parents, especially the ones with a few kids tell me they feel that this is unfair and that the market should be opened up to competition.

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Dogbait said...

On our first trip to the UK, we planned it to start touring in early September so as to avoid the ankle biters and have it nice and quiet.