Monday, August 13


More revelations are coming to light just days after wayward aristocrat Charles James Spencer-Churchill, known as Jamie Blandford faced Oxford Crown Court for an unprovoked road rage attack. It was on Monday that Blandford, whose ancestral home is the Blenheim Palace estate, in Oxfordshire, appeared before Oxford Crown Court.
The court heard how he turned on a motorist screaming abuse and kicking his door in a unprovoked road rage attack.
He admitted criminal damage, dangerous and careless driving on two separate occasions.
The peer, a father-of-two with a long history of drug abuse is now being investigated for racially abusing a Taxi Driver.
It was in July that driver Davinder Singh responded to a booking to take Charles James Spencer-Churchill to the West Midlands for a morning appearance on a different driving matter.
The 51-year-old peer, son of the 11th Duke of Marlborough, called for a cab to pick him up from his farm home, in Oxfordshire, to take him to Coventry.

Mr Singh, 46, said his problems began when he rang to check the exact location of the remote farmhouse. He claims they escalated when he arrived and was greeted by a torrent of abuse.
The shocked driver contacted police and Blandford was arrested and questioned on suspicious of racially-aggravated behaviour the following day.
"It was just unbelievable," said the father-of-four. "I can put up with rudeness but not racism. There is just no excuse for it.
"I was having trouble finding his house so I called him and he said 'Why are you f***ing ringing me? You are the taxi driver you should know where you are f***ing going'."
The driver claimed that when he arrived he was greeted by even more derogatory racial remark and called a Hindu.
"He said I should remember I was a guest in this country and I replied that I was British," said Mr Singh.
"He looked me up and down and said 'You? British?'.
Mr Singh, who has been a taxi driver for almost 25 years, said it was then that he turned down the £120 fare and drove off.
"I would not take it," he explained. "Even if it was the Prime Minister I would not take him if he spoke to me like that.
"He told me I would never work for the company again. It was like he was saying he could do anything because he was rich and I was poor.
"When I saw the Marquess of Blandford on the order I was thinking he would be a polite gentleman but he is just a racist and there is no excuse for that."
The angry cabbie said: "I am going to press charges against him, definitely. I am not going to let this go away."
A spokesman for Thames Valley Police confirmed that they had arrested a man following a report from Mr Singh.
"On July 20, a man was arrested for racially aggravated public order and bailed pending further investigations," he said.
Mr Singh said: "I don't know what people think of him but this man should not be out and about.
"The way he spoke to me he thought he was above the law - it is about time the law does something about him."
Well I for one say, good on you Mr Singh nobody should be allowed to get away with speaking to someone like that aristocrat or not!


Peggy said...

Poor Mr Singh! I don't know when that Jamie Blanford is going to wake up to himself.

forman said...

perhaps a lesson can be made of this obnoxious idiot, to other idiots world-wide.

TUFFENUF said...

Sometimes rich people think that they can treat others any way they please! Discusting!

John said...

Good on you Mr Singh.
Time for these drugged out and pissed toffs and film stars to wahen up.
Good Manners costs nothing.