Sunday, August 12

Bulletproof Rucksack

Well it's just about half way through the summer holidays for the kids, and lots of parents are starting to shop for the kids back to school outfits. We have been picking them up from all the big supermarkets and school suppliers loaded up with uniforms and sports gear, and every one of them, especially those changing schools moaning about the big outlay. But one item that we should be thankful that we don't seem to need or have in any of our local stores just yet is the Bullet proof backpack
Brought out in response to the Columbine High School shootings in the USA this ordinary looking rucksack comes with a high tech lining that's bullet, knife and machete proof.
And this is no high tech device. All you have to do is put it on and the bag's straps act as a handle that allow the pack to be used as a shield.
It's lighter than a standard police vest and marketed as being capable of withstanding a wide range of bullets, including nine-millimetre hollow-points and is priced at $175 or £85 in sterling.
I know that some of us think that things are getting rougher in our local schools but lets just hope that we never feel any need to go out and buy these things.


Peggy said...

I think it is repulsive that those manufacturers are preying on fear to sell something as sick as a bullet proof backpack. What happened to ordinary back-to-school specials where you can get a pallet of pencils for almost nothing and some new folders in matching colours? I wouldn't send a child of mine to a school if I thought for a moment that a bullet proof backpack would be a good idea.

Bob said...

peggy:Yes I agree when and if things ever got that bad in your locality that would be the time to wave bye bye and move on.