Sunday, July 8

New Shoes

A Scottish taxi driver who had to surrender his Nike's as evidence after he kicked a terror suspect has a new pair of shoes.
"It was a good pair of trainers I had been wearing at the time," Alex McIlveen tells us . "It's great to get this new pair, I have gone for Lacoste instead of Nike, but I reckon they will do just as good a job if I have to deal with any more terrorists."
McIlveen, 45, tore a tendon in his foot when he kicked one of the men accused of crashing a Jeep at the airport in Glasgow. The clothing store chain USC gave him his choice of new sneakers for his heroism.
"After hearing Alex's story we couldn't help but feel the have-a-go hero deserved a replacement pair of shoes," a USC spokeswoman said. "It was the least we could do and I'm delighted that Alex found a pair he liked."
McIlveen got a £60 parking ticket while confronting the terror suspects, but police later canceled the ticket.

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