Friday, July 6


As the old lass, who was in her eighties walked away from the cab after I dropped her of something caught my eye in the rearview mirror. I stopped the taxi and called her to wait, and turned round to check what she had left. On the back seat as I suspected there was the plastic bag she had been carrying. As she walked back towards the car I reached round to pass her the bag, unfortunately I missed the handles and ended up picking up the item which was on top of the pile in the bag.
I don't know who was the most embarrassed when this turned out to be a huge white pair of bloomers(knickers, panties), presumably hers I guess by the way she snatched them and stormed of.


Dogbait said...

You pervert!

Paradise Driver said...

If she were 60 years younger, it would have fit inside a thimble. And she wouldn't have cared.

Bob said...

dogbait: sounds like you may be jealous eh!

Wil:That is very very true.