Monday, June 4

Russian Roulette

Local motorists were forced into an unwanted game of Russian roulette at the weekend. Temporary traffic lights at Barrows ridiculously over delayed roadworks at the junction of Rawlinson St and Abbey Rd were faulty for the forth or fifth time within the last month. This led to the red lights not showing on both sides of Abbey Rd and drivers speeding through the junction with one crash at least and many near collisions and bad tempered arguments. Surely someone must be in charge of looking after the lights over the weekend, why weren't they called out and told to fix the fault before someone is hurt or killed?


A.I. Editor said...

Red lights not showing..gosh!

I reckon it is safer for the traffic light to not function at all.

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Paradise Driver said...

Sounds as if your city hired staff from the Hawai'i DOT (Department Of Transportation).