Tuesday, June 5

Askam Pier

I have to admit that for once I was stumped, I have lived round here all my life and thought that I knew every nook and cranny of the area. But when my fare who was a stranger to town asked to be taken to Askam pier I had to admit that I had never heard of it. Now when I picture a pier the grand wooden structures of Blackpool or Brighton spring to mind, definitely not the small nearby village of Askam. But not wanting to show my ignorance I drove through Askam and down to the beach, then thinking that I would get laughed at I asked a local "which way to the pier mate" and amazingly he pointed to a road leading through a new housing estate and down to a stone bridge which led to Askam's famous pier. But this one hadn't the usual amusement arcades and shops selling saucy postcards and no theatre shows with past their sell by date comedians telling dirty jokes. This one was constructed from slag produced way back in Askams long gone iron making days. No wonder they keep quiet about it, stretching a half mile or so out into the Duddon bay, this is one of the most beautiful unspoilt places in the area, with fantastic views and sandy beaches this really is a hidden gem.
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Peggy said...

I have some pals in Irleath that walk their staffies along that very beach all the time.

Bob said...

peggy: Ireleth is just up the road about a mile or so, not called O'Neil by chance are they?

Peggy said...

Nope. Not O'Neil. The Staffy Rescue Folks are in Ireleth.