Monday, May 28

Whit a Night.

Well that's the last of the super Sunday's gone, no more now until late August. As with the last one I worked until the early hours,but for some reason this one wasn't quite as busy as the last, maybe folk were saving themselves for the traditional Whit Monday exodus to Cartmel races. I was amused that as the night wore on, that the young lasses that I picked up who were going into town seemed to be wearing progressively less and less. What most of them seem to do is to gather at one of the girls houses and then have a drink whilst getting ready to go out. One or two of them actually told me that "their was no way they would they would dare go out dressed in something so skimpy if they were sober" and so it seems that the more they drink whilst getting ready that the less they wear. Some on the way to town get a bit nervous and ask silly questions like the usual "does my bum look big in this"(no bigger than usual) and is "this skirt to short"(I'd have to get my reading glasses on to see it). But this super Sunday some of the questions were a bit more unusual, like the lass who told me that she was thinking of having a tattoo(I dared not ask where) and did I think she should have the colours done at the same time or later. Not a clue on that one but I guess it depends if your the type to chicken out when it's time to go back under the needle. One young lass who was of the more well nourished body type asked me if she "was too pink" in her cerise outfit," no you look great" I said, but couldn't help but think of a giant uncooked pork sausage when she got out of the cab.


Dogbait said...

You're a liar, Bob. Like all males when it come to giving advice about a females attire!

Bob said...

db:The art is to keep a straight face as you lie through your teeth.

Anees Rehman said...

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