Tuesday, May 29

New Job?

This looks like it could be a change from driving a taxi eh! wonder where I apply.


Paradise Driver said...

When you queue up in that line to apply, Bob, just hold a place for me. Okay?

I'll be along in, oh, about 4 or 5 centuries to join you.

Red Shoes said...

Hi Bob --- I really enjoy reading your view of the world --- so I am telling others about it --- mentioned you in my blog (http://chateaulalinde.blogspot.com)

Bob said...

wil: oh well I will keep looking for you! That Christmas job at Harrods would suit you I bet.

red shoes: Wow I'm blushing having read the write-up, I hope I can live up to this glowing testimonial! cheers.

Lugosi said...

I got a real "charge" out of that video.