Saturday, May 12

Pink Cab

A London cabbie who provides cabs for gay weddings told taxi manufacturers LTI Vehicles his new TX4 had to be pretty in pink.

The vehicle, finished by the company’s paint shop team in eye-catching luminous pink, is among the latest vehicles to roll off the production line of the Holyhead Road-based manufacturer in Coventry. It was ordered by London cabbie Carlos Oliviera after he spotted what he believes is a gap in the market, and his pink cab is already creating a huge buzz in the capital.

"It's certainly rocking London and women think it's absolutely fantastic," said Oliviera. "The Fairway was a fantastic vehicle but the TX4 is great and is a superb drive. It's an effortless way of working," he added.

With a registration plate of E10PER, Carlos has named his unique motor the Pink Eloper and hopes to attract some of the 4,000 gay couples who tie the knot in the capital every year.

London cabbie Carlos said: "I got a bit of a ribbing from my mates and it was a bit of a shock for them when they saw it. They said they thought it took some guts to drive a vehicle like this but I am not frightened. I know I will get stick."

Although the factory can produce vehicles of any colour, LTI were taken aback when they were asked mix such an eye-catching shade. They said: "We are sometimes asked to produce special colours but this one is the most outlandish.
"Having said that, we have had a lot of fun working on this one. It isn't exactly my choice, but my daughter loves it."
The pink cab is a rare, one-off special order for which the customer had to pay an additional charge, but LTI Vehicles already offers the famous taxi in twelve different colours.


Enitharmon said...

The buses on one route in Reading are painted this colour. They look rather fetching, though not as fetching as the sky-blue ones on another route.

Reading started colour-coding its bus routes a couple of years ago. Now where was it, I wonder, when I was a kid that had buses with colour-coded routes rather than route numbers? Green for Biggar Bank, orange for Harrel Lane... (Don't think there was a pink one though)

Bob said...

Well I don't remember the colour coded bus routes, I guess that you mean the signs and not the actual buses. I was brought up in the town centre and never used buses much. the other reason was that we were very poor. I never knew that duvets weren't supposed to have sleeves and pockets until I was 16!

Bill said...

Buses as late as the 1970s had colour coded destination blinds. Photos are on my website somewhere.

Hawcoat - The Shore was in red
Roose - Tea House was in Blue
Abbey - Biggar Bank was in Green
Ormsgill - Hareel Lane- west shore circular was in Yellow.

Bob said...

Bill: Cheers for that bit of geek bill!

Deryk said...

I have absolutely nothing against homosexuals, after all one of my best mates is one (and I mean that, it's not just the usual phrase that people utter).

But I'll never really understand the ones who feel the need to go around in pink or rainbow coloured vehicles or do a Graham Norton and drop male anatomy innuendo into every sentence. You are who you are, lads!

Bob said...

deryk: Yes it does seem to a bit of a thing lately, some lesbian ladies tend to be a bit in your face with it too.Funny enough I have a post about that in draft at the moment, i will post it in a day or so.

Forman said...

what does he mean by get stick?

Bob said...

forman:It's an English thing it means to tease or take the mickey or take the piss!