Saturday, May 12


What is it with some guys when you give them a fluorescent jacket and a hard hat, why do they suddenly think that they have the power to shut roads and direct traffic in directions that drivers don't want to go? I was driving up Barrow's High St today and as I reached the junction with Rawlinson St, when out jumps fluorescent man and places two cones across the road to block the way. Why I don't know, nobody seemed to be doing owt "maybe he wanted a site meeting with the rest of the fluorescent squad to decide whether they were having pies or buns from Diggles that day" I drove up to the cones and fluoroman starts to gesticulate wildly and shout in a broad Penrith dialect that I should turn right. Of course him being from the wild north of Cumbria, and a stranger to Barrow he wouldn't know that he was trying to direct me down a one way street would he! I gave him my best smile and waved at him nicely as I drove over his cone and on to the junction, the six cars behind me followed my example, leaving fluoroman dancing with rage.
Later on in the morning I had driven halfway down one of Barrows narrower terrace streets when a car turned in from the bottom, as there was no room for both of us to pass I stopped and waited for him to reverse the few yards back so we could pass. But oh no not this character he drove straight up to my front bumper and arrogantly waved at me to reverse. When I didn't he leaned out his window waving me back and shouting "go back go back". A couple who were walking past looked at him in amazement and said to me "what a cheeky bugger" Now this could have led to the classic Mexican standoff with both of us refusing to move, but I was on my way to a job and this was losing me money. And so after a few choice words in his direction I very slowly reversed back. But the shock was that this wasn't as you might expect the arrogant behavior of a local boy racer, but one of our well known local town hall council officials.


Pissedoffcabbie said...

Fluoroman can eat it!

Deryk said...

haha you rebel

I was quite scared when I had the misfortune to visit Barrow over the weekend. I think it'd be easier to take down the red cones marking where you can't go, and instead put green cones marking where you *can* go. It'd be easier, there are less of those at the moment.

Peggy said...

You should just keep a few cones and a yellow vest in the boot of the car for your own amusement.

I suppose as the elections are over, you constiuents can go whistle if you want courtesy from the council officials.

Bob said...

pissedoffcabbie: Is "Way Down South" your work, some seriously good photos on there!

deryk: It all adds interest to the day, but I wish I had invested in a plastics factory making cones & reflective vests.

peggy: Funny you should say that about keeping cones and a reflective vest in the boot, I have a post in draft about that, will post it in a day or two.

Pissedoffcabbie said...

Those aren't mine. All my pictures are of the back end of buses, and the donuts on my dashboard.

John said...

Cones are for ice cream.
They are doing all kinds of road widening exercises here too.
Herd of a taxi here in Dublin who could see the junction where his fare lived. When he asked the copper to let him through he was told to "fuck off"
Fine piece of French!
He made his way around by a detour. Dropped his customer then continued on his way. There were no road works down the road.
Could be a case of local boys having fun.

Bob said...

pissedofcabbie: You is some strange dude eh!

john: Trouble is John over here it's not to widen the roads, just the opposite they are narrowing them to make bike lanes. We actually have an old folks home were they have dug up the pavement and road out the front and the old dears struggle to get out.