Monday, May 21

FA Cup

FA cup final day is always a busy one for us with a rush to the supermarkets in the morning to get supplies of snacks and the all important beer. Then it's the rush to get to the pubs before kickoff, after that it's heaven on the roads with hardly a car to be seen. Then we get a mad rush at half time as fans try to race to the next pub in time for the second half, and woe betide the driver who doesn't get them there in time, especially if things don't look to good for their team. I find that after the match when I pick up the fans who have been celebrating or drowning their sorrows, it's always best to be a bit diplomatic. They invariably as soon as they get in the cab ask "who do you support then?"every time I look at the football top that they have on and always tell them that that's who I support. But some of them really do take it far to seriously, as proved by the wife of a supporter of the losing team who I picked up early on Sunday morning, she told me that her football mad husband had come home drunk and thrown her out and locked the door behind her. She had to spend the night with friends, and told me that this happened every time that his team lost!

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