Monday, April 30

Watching Men Burn

I see the Daily Mail, a respected National Newspaper has done a piece on local blogger Tony McNallys new book WATCHING MEN BURN. It seems a pity that our local newspaper hasn't seen fit to print a word about this so far.

"One press of a button should have saved 48 lives on the Sir Galahad troop ship. But Tony McNally's missile failed, and set him on a catastrophic course that 25 years on still make everyday a living hell...I concentrated on the lead jet. As it came on target, my sergeant screamed: 'Engage.' I pressed the fire button with my left-hand index-finger. "

"The attack came and went in the blink of an eye. The lead Sky Hawk's two bombs - 250 kg each - hit the Galahad and exploded. The second pilot missed, but the third struck home, adding to the inferno that was engulfing the ship.I was just 19 back then. Eager for the adventure my home town of Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, couldn't provide, at 16 I signed up for the Army."

"I and many of the other lads were pretty unworldly. When fighting in the Falklands was first mooted, many of us believed the joke that some Argentinians had invaded an island off the coast of Scotland."


Anonymous said...

The local newspaper hasn't printed it because they couldn't compete with the fat fee McNally negotiated with the Daily Mail.


Your wrong Mr Anon I did not get any fee from the Daily Mail just advertising my book was sufficient. I have told the Evening Mail not to publish my photograph as I am in dispute with them.

Bob said...

rogue gunner; Well Tony that's it I am banning anon comments from now on , I have had trouble in the past with them , if they want to hide behind anon they can do it somewhere else!


Its probabaly for the best. I will probably end up doing the same when I get attacked on my Blog.

Anonymous said...

Alcoholic or a heavy drinker?