Sunday, April 29

Nightclub Taxi War

It seems that trouble may be brewing between rival groups of taxi drivers competing for fares coming off Barrows floating nightclub. Tensions have been rising for the last few weeks between hackney licensed taxis, who are allowed to pick up fares from the street and a group of private hire cars who by law have to be pre-booked. But it seems that this group of private hire drivers have a taxi freephone installed on the Princess Selandia and insist that this gives them priority on picking up fares . Heated words have been exchanged with both groups accusing the other of stealing fares. The busy Saturday night saw the police involved when complaints were made by hackney drivers about the private hire firm having huge orange flashing lights on their car roofs, and having touts directing fares towards them. It seems that the flashing lights were removed only after police intervention, to prevent a breach of the peace. Some hackney drivers allege that the touts are pinching fares illegally with the promise of a cut price taxi.

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