Saturday, April 7

No Talking

A concept design for a new taxi was unveiled at the New York Motor show this week, will it or something similar hit the streets? Who knows but the designers said that they set out to solve communication problems between driver and passenger.
He said they did that by eliminating the need for driver and passenger to talk to each other. Their taxi has a computer screen in the passenger compartment. The passenger types in the destination. A screen in the driver’s compartment relays the information to the driver.
No, he said, the partition separating the two compartments is not bullet-proof.


Paradise Driver said...


Yeah, right. Want to try cleaning a keyboard that someone has barfed all over? And what about the drunks whose response to the question of "Where to?" is a mumbled "North".

Obviously designed by a person who MAY have ridden in a cab but definitely never has driven one.

Bob said...

Wil: Yep my thoughts as well, sort of like the camel"designed by committee"