Thursday, April 5

Follow up to Thug

This is a follow up to a post I did on the 5th March, read it here THUG
This is the a debate I had with an anonymous person via the comments on this post.
Anonymous said...

Ok the lad was wrong in running away without paying,BUT you failed to mention that when the driver caught up to him he hit him over the head with a bat and left a deep cut to the head and thats why the driver ended up getting a pasteing for it.I no for a fact that the police have taken photos of this head injury so in a way it will be classed as self defence

Bob said...
I know this driver personally and a nicer fella you couldn't hope to meet, very easy going and good natured. He is driving a taxi to pay his way whilst studying to be a teacher, not the type to carry a bat round. And if what you say was true his taxi licence would be suspended like a shot, and as I know it hasn't and that he is now driving days because he is too nervous to work nights now, so please don't try to defend the actions of this thug.

Anonymous said...
The young lad involed walked into the police station himself,the police had no idea who they were looking for.So the police have only just started there investigation so there's still time to take action against the taxi driver

Bob said...
Anon: At least he could walk the driver needed an ambulance, I will ask around and find out what the driver has to say though.

Anonymous said...
I guess you never found out then that the driver clubbed the lad

Anonymous said...
whats sup bob found out the truth and you don't want to comment on it anymore??

Bob said...
anon: NO contrary to what most people think, we don't spend a lot of time gossiping to other drivers, the one operator and two drivers I have spoken to are both of the same opinion as me about it. The best person to ask is the driver concerned which, I intend to do as soon as I come across him.

Well now we hear from the driver in question here is his email he sent me tonight. I have edited out his name for obvious reasons but would like to say that I never believed the bat story at any point and am pleased to set the record straight.

The Email
I have just been informed about my story in your blog. The comments are of course completely false. Firstly, thank you for defending me. It's nice to be thought of so highly!

Here's the truth,

After he ran off, I drove around the block to look for him. Once I found him, I parked up and got out of my car. I walked after the lad and asked him 'What are we going to do about this money you owe me?' he repeatedly stated 'I don't know what you're on about' so when I informed him I was going to tell the police, he turned around walked up to ME and started physically attacking me. After the attack I made way back to the car, There were two ladies there who I approached and asked them to call the police, also I flagged a Ulverston Cabbie down to help me.The Police swiftly arrived and ALL of them can vouch I had no bat or ANY weapon on my being. In fact the Police drove my car home so would of seen it there. (I went to hospital in Ambulance)

The police called me the following Monday to come into the Ulverston Station. On the basis of looking through photos of known criminals. I had no luck with this but the point is that if the attacker did go to the police because I supposedly 'hit him with a bat' why did I go to the Police on the Monday to try and get a positive ID? Its all plain Daft!

THEREFORE this anonymous person is not telling the truth, and I would like to add that I have never carried a bat in my car at any time! I have always got on great with customers and continue to do so, even have dropped people off at their doors when they don't have quite enough money to get home.

This has deeply saddened me, but I shall struggle on cos those bills never end.

Hope this straightens up this matter. The Attacker is in Court in the next month!

Cheers Bob, see ya on the road!


Lou said...

Anonymous posters, dont you just love em!! Please wish the driver well Bob, its hard enough making ends meet without this sort of thing happening

Dogbait said...

Bob, I'm not interested in anons on my blog. I wouldn't bother getting into a slanging match with these people.



Anonymous said...

Seems very strange i was asking the lad about a court case and he looked puzzeled by it,maybe they've forgot to tell him about it

cablag said...

Look, all I would say is that as in Edinburgh now, "going looking for him" and confronting him for the money would be seen as an aggresive act in itself, indeed, a bus driver lost his job because he got out of his seat to confront some non payers, I reckon the best you can do in the pc world we live in is get the best info on the culprit you can and report it always asking for an incident No so that it has to be investigated and if its unsolved then its a black mark on the police as well, the more this happens the more the police will take it seriously.