Monday, April 9


You know learning is a two way thing, well that's what I found today anyway when I was talking to two of my passengers. They were both old lasses going to the bingo and the first who was wearing a bright red coat said "I didn't start wearing red until I was past seventy and a widow you know" The other lady looked at her for a minute before asking "why?"I strained my ears for the answer, I was curious, I mean why the heck not! "Well" she explained" back then only women of a certain type wore red, you know loose women the type that had a price on the sole of her shoe." Well that certainly learned me something, but then it was my turn to educate the other lady. I knew the ladies family, and had picked a relative up earlier, and so asked if she was pleased about her granddaughter being pregnant. She was stunned and stared at me open mouthed, obviously she hadn't been told by the family, whoops me and me mouth.


Paradise Driver said...

Wouldn't you have liked being the "fly on the wall" when that topic came up in her next family contact?

Peggy said...

Well done Bob!

I worked in a care home for the elderly one summer. There was a woman in there who never had anything to do with the colour red in case people thought she was a woman of easy virtue. When we were changing beds we had to ensure that her bed got a blue blanket instead of the red ones.

Deryk Lister said...
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Deryk said...

Hahaha good work, you managed to get me to chuckle out loud (a rarity). Good at putting your foot in it recently aren't you :)

Old ladies, bless them, can be a good source of amusement sometimes. It must be disappointing, though, that Easter came at a relatively normal time this year and so the routine bu.. bu... b*s (sorry) conversation of "Easter's early/late this year isn't it?" is out of the window!