Sunday, April 8

Easter Sunday 07

Easter Sunday and the same routine as last year, what I call the Easter parade, loads of eager shoppers driving round looking for a supermarket that’s open.
They can’t believe that they have the audacity to close when they want to go shopping as they usually do every Sunday. They don’t just look at the car park and see it’s empty and realise the store is closed, nope they have to drive right up to the store entrance and stare at the locked doors with open mouths. Still it was a nice sunny day for a drive round, and the sun certainly brought people out in droves, and as the old lass said I picked up going to the bingo said "ayy first bit of sunshine an ther goin round half naked." She then went on to remind me of the old saying "never cast a clout till the month of may is out" and looking at some of the corn beef legs on the lasses a bit later in the day, when it got cooler I would say it still holds true! And at last it was the first super Sunday of the year with lots of all day boozers going up to Dalton, I 'm just glad I was only taking them up and not picking them up when they were full of drink, like the poor evening shift will be doing.

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Deryk said...

Guilty as charged, I went up to Booths looking for beer! (excusable, no?)

After all, I thought, we've already had the birth! Resurrections are boring, and a good time to sell chocolate (and beer) :)