Friday, March 30


When I picked a couple up from outside one of our edge of town discount shops, the guy was carrying a bag with the stores name printed on it. "Where too" I asked, and this started off a bit of a tiff, she wanted to go straight into town shopping and he insisted that they went home first. He got his own way in the end and we headed off away from town so he could call home first, this cost them four or five pounds more than if they had headed straight into town. And the reason they did this really tickled me, It was because he(yes thats right he not she) didn't want to be seen round town carrying the bag with the discount store name printed on it. This is the first time I've come across a guy worried by this, it's more common with lady passengers, but as usual they always come prepared with their own bags with designer shop names on, to hide the discount store bags inside. On a few occasions I have seen them take the shopping out of the discount shop bag and turn it inside out, to hide the name. A bit later something similar happened, but this happens a lot more often. We had reached the street that my young male passenger said that he wanted dropping off at, instead of giving me a number he pointed to the flashiest car in the street and said "drop me by the BMW". He paid the fare with a nice tip, in keeping with a rich BMW driver, and then walked towards the flash car. But before I turned out of the street I looked back in my mirror and there he was opening the car door of a battered old Ford

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