Tuesday, March 13

Worst Patients

The guy who struggled into the cab going to the accident and emergency department was obviously in a lot of pain, his wincing and grinding of teeth worried me so much that I drove at a crawl and nearly stopped when we went over the speed ramps. He told me that he had badly broken his arm, and then went on to tell me that he and a friend had been arm wrestling and somehow his friend had managed to break his arm. Now like me you will probably think that this was a bit silly, but it gets worse, he was actually a doctor who worked at the hospital that I was taking him too. The lady who was with him was quite amused and said that it would be interesting for him to see what it was like from the other side of the fence, especially since he worked in the orthopedic department, who of course would be tending to his broken arm. I bet he got some stick from his department, and as they say that doctors make the worst patients you can bet that he took a keen interest that they did a good job on him.

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