Monday, February 12

Top Gear Taunts Rednecks

Don't know about you but I find this clip from Top Gear contrived and manipulated beyond belief, when you ask for trouble you usually get it and believe me these guys screamed for it.


Keith said...

Yes, I wondered if it was set up. If not, I don't want to go to ALabama, they really do interbreed.

rosie said...

I'm afraid I can believe that this is how it is. Ever seen Mississippi Burning or In the Heat of the Night?

The thing is, in the parts of the US that most Brits get to visit, the locals are perfectly lovely, but those are the parts that the rednecks thoroughly despise. I met a man from Michigan once who was not enjoying living in a place called Rocky Mountain, South Carolina. 'Damnyankee', they called him - all one word of course.

They make Jeremy Clarkson seem civilised, which takes some doing!

Keith said...

I watched that piece on TV again tonight. Still not convinced whether it was staged or not. Remember, we've all seen the film Deliverance and I just wonder if this was what the Top Gear lads wanted to "say" about Alabama.