Saturday, February 10

Stags and Hens

It seems that a night out at Newcastle's Quayside this weekend would have been like going out round Barrow. At least four bus loads of party's to celebrate stag and hen nights set of this Saturday morning, with about fifty or sixty on each coach, chances were that they will have bumped into each other. One group who I dropped of at the pub, where they were planning to have a beer and breakfast, told me that service might be a bit slow at Barrow's Tesco supermarket over the weekend at least fifty on their hen party work there. Apart from the obvious different sexes what set the stags and hens apart was the luggage they each carried , the hens all had mainly pink wheeled suitcases with at least three outfits and as one revealed to me lot's of wine and spirits , but women being women she also told me that they had covered every angle, with every hairdressing and beauty product known to man and snacks and painkillers for the hangover the next day. The stags on the other hand didn't travel much lighter, each carried a huge crate of beer with a small plastic bag on top containing a toothbrush and a clean pair of undies. Later when one of the hen party coaches drove past going out of town decorated with pink banners and inflated condoms, I thanked my lucky stars I was driving a Taxi and not that coach. It's bad enough when we get two or three rowdy drunks in the cab but imagine fifty or sixty of them rolling about, I only hope they all tipped him well.

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