Sunday, February 18

Sunny Sunday

Well one of our first sunny Sunday's this year, a great day to be out and about, and lot's of folk were, but the only thing was most of them seemed to be heading in the direction of the supermarkets. What is it with us and our obsession with Sunday shopping, surely their are better things to do? A lot of the working mothers I picked up were harassed because of the half term school holiday, it makes it very awkward when both parents are working. It sure does seem to have come round quickly, the standard moan was "they never seem to at school nowadays" Being cruel I added to the misery by telling them that when they do go back it's only for four weeks as Easter is early this year. Isn't it strange the way Easter moves about from year to year? apparently Easter always falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon on or after the vernal equinox. Simple eh! but whats a vernal equinox? Hey I'm not telling you go Google it or better still ask the kid's.


Peggy said...

You can tell that we really don't live all that far apart. The sky in your Sunday photo looks to be exactly the same as mine, with the same wispy cloud. There is barely a ripple on the water.

Bob said...

Peggy:This is taken just about 7/8 miles north on Askam beach looking north towards your neck of the woods