Monday, February 19

Legal Vultures

I get used to being told all about folks illnesses and what operations and treatments they have had, and some fares even go so far as to ask for my opinion on their medical problems. I as always tell them that I don't know and that"I wanted to be a doctor but just never had the patients" I think that maybe it's a case of a problem shared is a problem halved. But this last week I have picked two different fares up who were each going to see their solicitor about marital problems and divorce, both of these folk I had never met before in my life and yet both of them within half a mile of picking them up were telling me all the personal details and the reasons for the intended divorce. Both of them seemed to be upset about what the former partner had supposedly told their solicitor about the reason for the breakup and telling me they were going to tell the solicitor all about the nasty habits the former partner had, whether this was picking their noses or biting their toenails in bed I don't know, but is it worth the muckraking, what does it gain? I told both of them I know nothing about the law but that they were just the sort of clients that solicitors love, the more they disagree and complicate things the bigger the bill gets.

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Peggy said...

I wonder if your sage advice went in one ear and out the other. To get any sort of dignity out of a divorce, just agree that the marriage is in fact ending, and sort out as much as you can before you hit the lawyer's office.