Wednesday, February 7

Close Shave

I couldn't help but smile when I heard of the health and safety inspector who has been banned from driving after he was caught shaving as he passed a police car.
Edward Hutcheson, told police that he was due to deliver a first aid course and was running late.
He was using an electric shaver and leaning forward to look in the rear view mirror of his BMW estate as he overtook a line of rush hour traffic at between 60mph and 70mph.
He was spotted on the A9 in Perthshire Scotland by a police patrol car that took chase and caught up with him a mile later.
He was banned for six months at Perth sheriff court and fined £300 after being found guilty of careless driving near Auchterarder last March.


Anonymous said...

OK, we all agree he wasn't stupid for shaving when driving - idiots with cell phones are far more dangerous. No, why on earth would he take over a police car!!!\


Peggy said...

What a twit! I suppose it lets us know that the H & S guys can screw up just as badly as the rest of us. Its a comfort really.