Saturday, January 20


Was this Australian comedian just unlucky or do you think they picked the worse of the bunch ? Do you see this as typical of inwardly looking Americans or as a contrived insult?
Do you think that maybe if the tables were turned and similar questions were asked in Australia or the UK would they fare any better?


Paradise Driver said...

What a crying shame.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to ask theese questions in and around Barrow (well i'm gonna have to edit some as appropiate) and i will post you on the answers, i may even youtube it myself.

Peggy said...

Cringe! It does make it seem as though the US is populated by morons.

Anonymous said...

Well we ain't all that dumb! But that's how come we have a moron for a president... because people distrust any politician with a brain like Al Gore or John Kerry.

Like Churchill said, 'Americans mean well, it just takes them two or three tries to get it right'. And he was half american, after all!