Wednesday, January 24

Taxi Trash

A Taxi driver from the nearby town of Workington has been given his licence back after the council revoked it because he had been selling drugs. Why I ask myself, what use are rules and regulations to stop this sort of thing if they are not rigidly enforced. Without these rules what’s to stop any pervert or criminal driving a cab, the public expect and deserve better. This soft treatment does not help the taxi trade in any way, and as far as I am concerned it lowers the trust of the taxi trade in the eyes of the public.

James Dunn, 28, of Alexander Close, Workington, appeared before Magistrates yesterday to state his case against Allerdale Council, who revoked his hackney carriage licence last November after receiving a letter from Cumbria police informing them that Mr Dunn had been convicted of possessing a class A drug with intent to supply.
Mr Dunn appealed against the decision as soon as he received notification, and the council issued him with a temporary licence until the appeal was determined.
Mr Dunn said: “I broke up with my wife and was left with a lot of debt. I was working for my father-in-law, so lost my job at the same time.
“I was struggling to pay off my debts, so stupidly took an opportunity to make some money and decided to sell some ecstasy pills.
“I was not a drug user, and never have been. I was trying to claw my way out of financial trouble. I am now repaying my debts and trying to get my life back on track.”
Mr Dunn served 12 months of his 33-month sentence in prison, and is now serving a home detention curfew.
Before entering prison he worked as a taxi driver for Sparkys Taxis, ferrying elderly and disabled customers around the county.

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