Tuesday, January 23

Homing Instinct

One of my fares who had fallen asleep shortly after I picked him up was spooked when I dropped him at his house in Dalton this weekend. " Hang on I've just realised I never told you where I was going how do you know I live here". The truth was I had picked him up and delivered him home whilst he was in a drunken sleep every weekend for the last month or so, and on the first occasion a guy who lifted him into the cab had told me his address. Of course he couldn't remember any of his taxi rides home, and I guess it was just luck that I remembered his address, good job the guy who told me where he lived wasn't lying, or someone would have been getting an unwelcome guest. The same day I picked up a fare who's name hadn't come up on my data screen, and who just told me the street where he was going. When we reached his street I drove straight to the door of his house and stopped, the young lad looked at me quizzically and asked "how did you know I lived here". The reason for my correct guess was purely his face, he had one of those faces and colouring that could only belong to one local family, and I knew their house was on that street.

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