Tuesday, January 16

Quiet Day

Walney channel with Jubilee bridge in the background
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Well it's that time of year again, mid January and as always it goes very quiet we know it's coming but when it does we are still surprised. It's the same for most self employed workers hairdressers, publicans and restaurant owners all are telling me the same thing, nothing you can do about it, except wait it out. The students have gone back to the college and sixth form at last so that helps a bit. But when you see the driving school cars outside waiting for them, and as a lot tell me they are just waiting for their driving test they are mainly short term customers. You can't beat regular repeat customers they are our bread and butter, some folk have been using us for years and know all the drivers by name. These regular folk know by talking to the drivers that it's quiet, and I find it quite touching especially with some of the old dears who can scant afford it that they try to help out by adding a few extra bob on top of the fare.

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bigbikerbob said...

As I said earlier this is the time of year when your "bread and butter"regular customers are needed, thats why we ran our meters on stopped, thats why they come back.