Monday, January 15


I was stuck behind an erratically driven 4x4 when going up Barrow's Rating lane one morning, this road has a 20 MPH limit and lots of speed bumps. The oversize gas guzzler was being driven at up to 40 mph between the bumps and then braked to a halt before each bump, and then driven over at less than a snails pace. I find this strange when you consider that these urban tractors are meant to be driven up mountains and off roads in fields and streams, maybe they didn't want to splash the shiny chrome wheels! Later that day I was swore at by another irate 4x4 driver when I pulled part way out of a junction in front of him. I pointed out that he was still indicating to turn left at the junction, but of course Mr macho wasn't to be argued with. This set me thinking about 4x4s and their driver's now don't get me wrong their are some genuine users who tow boats and livestock trailers or who live in the countryside, but most that I come across in town are just an unnecessary nuisance. There are three main types of town 4x4 drivers that I have come across, the first is the Mr machos usually with a shaved head and tribal tattoos he drives the big black or silver pickup type 4x4 with lots of chrome, always very aggressively. The next is the small suicide blond who is his WAG she drives the same 4x4 when Mr macho is at the gym or out earning enough money to pay for her nail manicures and sun -bed sessions, she spends most of the day outside the beauty salons trying to park, usually very badly. The third and final type is the chav grandpa in his thirties and easily spotted by the badly done tattoos and the glare off the excess bling, his smoke billowing 4x4 is usually well past it's sell by date and is used to carry his rottweilers or pit bull terriers alongside gypsy, fang, derv and wolf who are his grand kids. There may well be a picture of the rottweiler or some other beast on the spare wheel cover.


Phin said...

Riding my ailing motorbike to my mates house on Sunday, doing 40 in a 40 limit through roadworks, I was overtaken by 2 Rangerovers doing 60 or 70. I suppose these gits are so rich the laws don't apply to them. Later, testing it at 70 (or a bit more) on a dual carriageway, after my mate had fixed it, another one went by as though I was standing still. These people must have money to burn, the way those things drink the juice.

We found the problem with the bike -2 faulty coils.

Bob said...

yes all 4x4 drivers are exempt from every law or so they seem to think

Anonymous said...


Here in the states about every 3rd vehicle is some SUV 4x4... and it's a damn shame. In point of fact, most SUV's are illegal to drive on city streets, since they exceed the weight limitations and ought to be classified as trucks.

At least the price of gas has finally turned on the light bulb of sanity for some new car buyers... who are now looking at hybrid cars instead.

It's amazing how idiocy can rule the roost of automotive thinking.