Monday, January 22

The New Friday

At one time here in Barrow Friday night was considered as "the boys night out" and by some it was treated as a sacred right. Even when a bit older and married with children it would have been considered sacrilege to stay in, or even worse if you took your partner out this was an invitation to be mercilessly taken the mickey out of. But now since the old days of calling "time gentlemen please" at three o'clock have long since gone Sunday afternoon seems to be the new Friday. A lot of our fares on Sunday afternoon are groups of guys meeting up for a few beers in town. I've asked quite a few why the switch to Sundays? and the replies vary from "it's more relaxing"to "because theres less bloody women about". One guy did tell me that his wife even encourages him to go out with the boys on Sunday because of the mainly male pub goers," she feels more secure knowing theres no scantily clad bimbos about, like there is at night". Another man told me that he likes it because he can go home early and straight to bed and wake up hangover free for work on Monday morning.


Keith said...

Whilst it may sound sexist, in the 60's, 70's and possibly beyond, it was froenwed upon for women to be in the pub on Sunday lunchtime. Their place was at home cooking the dinner. I remember bing in a spit and sawdust bar locally in the late 70's and a well educated lady was in there alone, reading a book. A group of growlers were watching their P's and Q's because there was a woman in the bar. She piped up and asked if her presence was disturbing them, to which they replied no. I thought that was nice of her to think of their macho feelings.

Keith said...

And forunately, my friend Darlo Sue, is one of the lads and always insists on getting the round.