Sunday, December 10

Weekend Millionares

It was the last pay cheque for lot's of folk before Christmas, and boy can they not wait to spend it. They all seem to become what I call "weekend millionaires" and we get busy as a result, it's taxi's everywhere and they can't seem to wait to get rid of the cash that's burning a hole in their pockets. All weekend I will be struggling to change crisp new twenty pound notes as they rush down to the shops or pubs in the headlong pursuit of spend , spend, spend. And then after a week or so it's back to grim reality, and waiting for buses in the pouring rain. Then instead on crisp new notes it's back to small change, and even smaller tips. As I say every year I can tell when we get close to Christmas by the old lasses moaning that "they'll be glad when it's all over and done with". You know if it was left up to us fellas, Christmas would be very different, for one thing the shop's and supermarkets would go bankrupt and the brewery owners would be million's of pounds richer. It's the women who make all the fuss and end up getting stressed about it all, us blokes would just go down the pub for a pie and a pint.


Peggy said...

There is always way too much month left at the end of my money. :-)

Anonymous said...

Have we moved to the States!!! Its pay cheque lol

Bob said...

Oops corrected now