Monday, December 11


You know the scenario, you or your partner will be guilty of this one!. The guilty party is watching TV with the remote in their hand and off they nod, fast asleep and soon they are snoring loudly. You do the kind thing and gently go to take the remote from them to switch off the TV, and every time they will jump up and shout "I was watching that" and snatch back the remote only to fall asleep again within seconds. Another driver Billy, who works mainly at night was telling me about his partner Jen, who takes this to a whole new level. Both being heavy sleepers they have a heavy duty industrial strength alarm clock, which Bill tells me can be heard from outside on the street. Bill had gone home for a short break at 4am in the morning, and could hear the alarm as he got out of his taxi, thinking that something must be wrong he rushed up the stairs only to find Jen fast asleep and snoring. Breathing a sigh of relief he reached across and switched off the infernal din , only for Jen to sit bolt upright and shout at him "hey I was listening to that"


Phin said...

an excellent story. I like your Christmas tree too.

Joe said...

Happens to us too Bob. We have a TV in the bedroom, I fall asleep, wake up a few hours later, she's asleep and you can guess the rest!

Bill said...

Yipee, Jen is a superstar. The story made the local paper.