Wednesday, December 27

Morecambe BayTragedy

A tragedy seems to be unfolding in Morecambe bay I am listening live to coastguard and air sea rescue. So far one person has been reported missing and six bodies have been recovered from the site where the helicopter has crashed on it's way to a gas rig in Morecambe Bay from Blackpool airport. Our local lifeboat has just reported finding large pieces from the tail section of the helicopter. With lot's of local people working offshore on these gas rigs, including some I know, this is a worrying time for all concerned.


Peggy said...

Golly I heard about the helicopter crashing while taking folk out to an oil rig, but I assumed it was North Sea and not near HERE! I don't know anybody on the rigs anymore since my pal who was a cook out on one left for a shore based cooking job. That's a darned shame. I hate hearing about accidents. There seems to be at least one helicopter accident per year.

Rosie said...

And did you see the map on the BBC news last night? The label 'Morecambe Bay' on the Solway Firth, and Barrow where Stranraer is in the real world?

Chuffing Londoners!

Bob said...

Peggy :this is the first one in thirty years in the Morecambe bay gas field let's hope it's the last.

Rosie: well that's par for the course when the legionnaires thing was happening I overheard some southern reporters complain about being sent to the end of the world!

Mad Cabbie said...

Happy New Year Bob!