Thursday, December 28

Time and Motion

One of our local Taxi drivers, who shall remain nameless, picked a fare up from a local nightclub going to Dalton. She gets in the car and asks if its double time with it being boxing day and he confirmed yes and thought no more about it. It wasn't till they got to Dalton and £14.20p was on the meter and he was just about to ask for the fare when she said "Don`t worry I can work this one out for myself." then she casually handed him £30 and said keep the change. He was about to explain that the fare was only £14.20 when she said "IS that OK, I know its double rate so there's £14.20 on the meter so if I double that then its £28.40p, Here's £30 I know its not much of a tip but you deserve it working over Christmas"
At the beginning of the journey when she asked him if it was double time the dizzy lass must have assumed the fare would be double what the meter said. I`m not saying whether he corrected her or not.
And another one from the same driver on the same night, he had picked a tipsy young lass up from the rank and was taking her to Hindpool. She was asking how the meters worked and he explained that the fares are set by the town hall. She then asked if it made any difference when the clocks went back or forward an hour and he scratched his head and replied that" no it didn't." He was speechless when she then she asked if the meters stopped working if the town hall clock stopped.
When he said to her the town hall, he meant that the fares were was set by the people that work there and not the actual clock.


G.S. said...

You might be interested to know that here in NYC not only do cabbies not get extra compensation for driving on holidays, we actually lose the evening rush hour surcharge of $1.00 per ride. Wishing you a Happy New Year.

MaFt said...

that's funny... setting the meter by the town hall clock!! cheered me up on an otherwise uneventful return to work!


ps - my word verification i had to type was: GRNYAWN - must be that christmas / new year thing with granny making you yawn.. ;)

Mark said...

deary me. gotta love those drunks