Wednesday, December 13


Last year taxi drivers handed out free condoms to late-night passengers as part of a sexual health project.
Some 60,000 condoms were available as part of the Safe Ride Home scheme in East Sussex. Supported by boxer Chris Eubank, it was operated by Brighton-based Radio Cabs after 2200 BST on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Former WBO super-middleweight champion Eubank, who lives in Hove, said: "I think this will encourage the young people of Brighton to have fun, but also behave responsibly. A spokesman for the contraceptive manufacturer Trojan, who provided the condoms for the scheme, said young people often found themselves on a night out without any condoms, leading them to take risks. By making them available on the way home means there should not be any excuses, he added. Chris Nutely, co-owner of Radio Cabs, said "We look after thousands of passengers every week, mostly young people out socialising at night. "If we can help make a difference then we're more than happy to help." If the Bristol drunks are anything like our local drunks in Barrow, I should think that the majority of the condoms ended being used in the party trick which is popular amongst local lads. This involves pulling the condom over the head and face and then blowing it up till it bursts. Yes daft I know but that's what drink does for you!

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